Comprehensive Guide to Tarring Prices in South Africa 2024: Understanding Tar Surface Price and Tarring Costs

Understanding Tar Surface Price and Tarring Costs

Discover the latest costs for tar surfaces price in South Africa and make smart choices for your needs. Tarring prices in Benoni, Boksburg, Brakpan, Kempton Park and Springs can vary. They usually fall between R80 to R150 per square metre.

This range depends on factors like location and the size of the area being tarred. For example, laying down a new driveway or fixing roads will have different costs.

It’s because each job needs different amounts of materials and labour.

From my own experience, getting a driveway tarred in Benoni was quite straightforward once I understood how pricing works. The specialists gave me a quote that matched my budget well.

They considered everything from the asphalt needed to the square metres of my driveway. Remember, high-quality tar means fewer repairs later on, saving money over time.

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From Driveway Cost to Full Tar Surfacing: What to Expect

Moving from the basics of tar surfacing prices, let’s dive into the specifics of driveway costs and what to expect for larger projects. Prices start at R70 per square metre but can go up to R150.

This range depends on various factors like where you live and how big your project is.

For a simple driveway, prices are more straightforward. But if you’re looking at doing a whole road or a parking area, expect costs to rise. The size of the job plays a huge role in how much you’ll pay.

Keep in mind, choosing high-quality tar means paying more upfront but saving money down the line due to its longevity and durability against weather damage.

Types of Tarring: Tar Surfacing Prices & Costs 2024

Our table breaks down the types of tarring, their costs, benefits, and how long they last. It’s easy to read and full of useful info for anyone thinking about tarring options. Check it out for clear insights!

Type of Tarring Average Pricing
(per square meter)
Benefits Lifespan
Hot Mix Asphalt Tarring R 70 – R 150 – Durable and strong
– Suitable for high traffic areas
10-20 years
Chip Seal Tarring R 50 – R 100 – Cost-effective
– Quick to apply
– Aesthetic texture
7-15 years
Slurry Seal Tarring R 30 – R 60 – Extends pavement life
– Improves surface texture
5-10 years
Micro-surfacing Tarring R 40 – R 90 – Quick setting
– Good for urban roads
– Skid-resistant
7-10 years
Cold Mix Asphalt Tarring R 60 – R 120 – Suitable for low traffic areas
– Good for patch repairs
5-7 years

Tarring cost per square meter

Tarring cost per square meter

Determining the right budget for your tarring project is crucial. Below, we detail the costs per square meter for different tarring services.

Type of Tarring Cost per Square Meter Benefits Lifespan
Basic Tar Surfacing R70 – R150 Durable, smooth finish 10-20 years
Driveway Tar Surfacing R80 – R250 Enhances property appearance, adds value 15-25 years
Commercial Road Tarring Subject to project scope High durability for heavy traffic 20-30 years
Repair and Maintenance R50 – R100 Extends surface life, restores appearance Varies

Tar Paving Prices

For those looking into tar surfacing options, understanding the cost is crucial. Below is a detailed breakdown of tar paving prices, ensuring you’re well-informed before making a decision.

Type of Tar Paving Cost per Square Meter From
Standard Residential Driveways R 90 – R 140
Commercial Parking Lots R 85 – R 130
Heavy-Duty Industrial Paving R 100 – R 160
Resurfacing Existing Tar R 70 – R 110
Decorative Tar Paving R 100 – R 150

These prices provide a ballpark for planning, but it’s wise to get a tailored quote for your specific needs.

Factors Affecting Tarring Prices: What Influences Tarring Costs

  1. Area Size – Bigger areas cost more to tar because they use more materials and take more time.
  2. Material Prices – Tar and asphalt prices change often. This affects the overall cost of the project.
  3. Type of Soil – Different soils need different preparations. Some may need extra work, making it pricier.
  4. Location – If your place is far, transporting materials can add to the cost.
  5. Labour Costs – More complex jobs need skilled workers, which can increase the price.
  6. Season – Tarring in certain weather or seasons can affect how much you pay.
  7. Existing Surface Condition – Fixing or removing an old surface before tarring adds to the cost.
  8. Market Fluctuations – Economic changes can make materials and labour more expensive or cheaper.

Each factor plays a part in how much you end up paying for tarring services.

How Tar Quality Affects Tar Surfaces Costs

High-quality tar lasts longer, saving money over time. Low-quality tar might seem cheaper but costs more due to frequent repairs.

The Long-Term Cost Benefits of Quality Tar Surfaces

Choosing good materials for tar surfaces can seem expensive at first. But, these materials make driveways last longer and stay strong. This means you won’t have to fix your driveway as often.

A durable surface is a smart choice because it handles rain well and needs less upkeep.

Investing in quality from the start pays off over time.

With up to 20 years of life, a well-made asphalt pavement saves money down the line. It’s not just about the initial costs—think about how much you save by not having constant repairs.

Good tar surfacing stands up to heavy use and weather, keeping your roads and driveways smooth and reliable year after year.

Average Tarring Costs in South Africa 2024

Finding out the average cost for tarring in South Africa is crucial if you’re planning a driveway or road project. These prices change, so stay updated to make smart choices.

Average Driveway Cost for Tar Surfacing in 2024

In 2024, tarring a small path for cars in South Africa will cost about R8,800. This is for areas between 30-50 square meters.

These costs include all the work needed to cover your drive space with a strong black surface.

Driveway Size (Square Meters) Average Cost From
20 sqm R 1,800 – R 2,800
50 sqm R 4,500 – R 7,000
100 sqm R 9,000 – R 14,000
200 sqm R 17,000 – R 28,000

Prices vary from R70 to R150 for each square meter. The difference depends on things like where you live and how big or complex your job is. Tarring your drive makes it look good and lasts long without needing too much care.

Road Tarring Costs

After diving into driveway surfacing, let’s shift gears to the broader picture—road tarring costs. Tackling a road project means dealing with more ground and tougher demands. On my last project in Durban, we covered several kilometres, which highlighted how costs can vary widely depending on scale and specifics.

Type of Road Project Cost per Square Meter
Residential Road Tarring R 100 – R 140
Urban Street Tarring R 120 – R 160
Major Road/Highway Tarring R 150 – R 200
Road Repairs and Patching R 80 – R 120

Road surfacing isn’t just about laying down tar; it involves preparation, grading, and sometimes repairing underlying issues.

A smooth road never made a skilled driver.

For large projects like roads in Benoni or Boksburg, expenses can rack up quickly. You’re not just paying for materials but also for heavy machinery and skilled labourers who ensure everything is level and durable.

The price per square metre might hover around R80 to R150, similar to driveways, but the total cost shoots up as you cover more area.

Road projects also require traffic management tools to keep workers safe while minimising disruption for drivers. This adds another layer of planning and expense not seen in smaller jobs.

My experience has taught me that every kilometre of road needs careful budgeting to avoid surprises later on.

Labour Costs for Tarring

Labour Costs for Tarring

Determining the cost of labour for tar surfacing is crucial for budget planning.

Location Average Labour Cost per Square Meter
Boksburg, Gauteng R95
Johannesburg, Gauteng R100
Pretoria, Gauteng R105
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal R110
Cape Town, Western Cape R115

Labour costs for tar surfacing vary widely.

It’s clear, the price per square meter increases from Boksburg to Cape Town. This variation can be due to differences in the cost of living and operation costs across these regions.

DIY Tarring vs. Professional Services

Factor DIY Tarring Professional Services
Cost Generally lower upfront costs Higher upfront costs but often more cost-effective in the long term
Equipment Limited to basic tools; rental needed for larger equipment Use of professional-grade machinery and tools
Material Quality May have limited access to high-grade materials Access to top-quality, durable materials
Skill Level Requires basic to intermediate skill; steep learning curve for beginners Performed by skilled, experienced professionals
Time Investment Can be time-consuming, depending on the scope Usually completed faster due to expertise and better equipment
Quality of Work Variable, can be lower unless highly skilled Consistently high, with professional finishing
Durability & Longevity Often less durable due to potential errors and lower-grade materials More durable due to expert application and better materials
Maintenance Possibly higher maintenance costs and frequency Generally lower maintenance needs over time
Warranty/Support No professional support or warranty Typically comes with a warranty and professional support

Professionals come with experience and all the right equipment. They get bulk prices on materials which can lower the overall cost. Plus, they know how to avoid common mistakes that might ruin your driveway or require repairs later on.

I tried tarring my driveway last year—it looked easy enough. However, I missed spots and ended up calling a service to fix my work.

Future Trends in Tarring Prices

After exploring DIY versus professional tarring options, let’s look ahead. Tarring prices might go up due to rising costs for materials and labour. This means planning your driveway or road project could cost more in the future.

Technology improvements could also affect prices. New methods may make tarring quicker and more durable, which might save money over time.

Demand plays a big role too. More people wanting tar surfaces can push prices higher. Keep an eye on material costs and consider booking your project early to avoid price jumps.

Upcoming trends suggest being proactive will help manage expenses better for your tar surfacing needs.

Let us help you find a tarring contractor near me: Find the Right Tar Contractor

Finding the right professional for your driveway can be tricky. We make it easy to connect with skilled tarring experts in your area.

Factors to consider when choosing a tarring contractor

  1. Check their reputation – Look for reviews online or ask locals. A trustworthy contractor has good feedback from past projects.
  2. Experience counts – Select someone with years of laying tar surfaces under their belt. They know how to handle different challenges.
  3. Accreditation is key – Ensure they have the correct credentials. This proves they meet industry standards.
  4. Insurance matters – Make sure they’re insured. This protects you if anything goes wrong during the job.
  5. Get quotes – Compare prices from various contractors. But, don’t just go for the cheapest option without considering quality.
  6. Ask about materials – Quality tar makes a difference. Discuss what kind of materials they use and why.
  7. Timeline specifics – Find out how long the work will take. A professional can give a clear schedule.
  8. Warranty offers peace of mind – A guarantee on their work shows they stand behind their quality.
  9. Look at previous work – If possible, see some of their completed driveways in person or check photos online.
  10. Communication is crucial – You want someone who responds promptly and keeps you updated throughout the process.
  11. Local knowledge helps – Picking someone familiar with your area can ensure they understand any specific regulations or weather concerns that might affect your project.

From my own experience, taking the time to discuss every aspect of the project with your contractor before starting made a huge difference in ensuring everything went smoothly and ended up looking exactly as I wanted.

Assessing Tarring Contractor Expertise and Tar Pricing

Choosing the right tarring specialist is important. Look for ones with great track records—those who’ve done lots of driveways in Benoni, Boksburg, and beyond. Good contractors show you their past work.

This proves they can handle your project well. Check reviews online too. Happy customers mean the contractor does a good job.

Pricing matters as much as expertise. Fair tar surfacing quotes should match the quality offered. I found this out when comparing prices for my own driveway. Some were cheap but lacked experience; others were pricey but had years of success behind them.

The best choice offers a balance—affordable rates without cutting corners on quality or durability.

How to get a tarring quote?

Getting a tarring estimate is easy. Just contact local tar surfacing companies, share your project details, and they’ll give you a cost estimate.

Comparing Tarring Contractor Quotes

Getting different quotes from tarring contractors is a smart move. It gives you a clear view of the market rates for driveway or road tarring services. Look at not just the price but also what’s included in each quote.

Some may offer detailed breakdowns, including costs for materials and labour, while others might give a lump sum. I found this out first hand when getting quotes for my driveway. The range was wide – from R70 to R150 per square meter.

Also, check the contractor’s experience and past work quality. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better if it leads to poor-quality tar surfaces that won’t last long.

Ask about their warranties and maintenance services too; these can save money down the line on your asphalt paving project and ensure longevity in your investment, making those initial cost comparisons even more critical.

Tarring prices in Main Cities: Benoni, Boksburg, Brakpan, Kempton Park, Eastrand & More

Tarring prices vary across major cities in South Africa.

City/Region Average Tarring Cost per Square Meter
Benoni R 100 – R 150
Boksburg R 100 – R 150
Brakpan R 100 – R 150
Kempton Park R 100 – R 150
Eastrand R 100 – R 150
Edenvale R 100 – R 150
Germiston R 100 – R 150
Alberton R 100 – R 150
Johannesburg R 110 – R 160
Pretoria R 100 – R 140
Durban ZR 95 – R 145
Cape Town R 120 – R 170

Each city has its own rates based on local factors. For example, Johannesburg and Cape Town might have higher prices due to the high demand for tarring services. On the other hand places like Benoni or Brakpan could offer more affordable options.

The cost per square meter can also differ significantly from one area to another. Always check with multiple service providers to get the best deal available in your specific location.

How to Get the Best Deal on Tarring Services

To snag the best deal on tarring services, compare quotes and check reviews. This approach helps you find quality work at good prices.

Cost-Saving Tips for Driveway Tarring in South Africa

Choosing the right time to tar your driveway can save you money. Prices might be lower during off-peak seasons. Get quotes from several contractors to compare costs and services. This way, you ensure getting a good deal without compromising on quality.

The best price is not always the lowest one, but the one that brings the most value.

Look into using recycled materials for tarring driveways—they’re often cheaper and just as effective as new ones.

Also, consider doing some of the preparation work yourself, like clearing the area or removing old paving materials. This reduces labour costs significantly.

Why Investing in Quality Tar Surfacing Can Save on Long-Term Driveway Costs

Why Investing in Quality Tar Surfacing Can Save on Long-Term Driveway Costs

Investing in high-quality tar for your driveway pays off. Good tar lasts longer, cutting down on frequent repairs. It means less spending over time. A top-notch surface handles heavy cars better and weathers the storms without cracking or fading fast.

This durability comes from using reputable materials and skilled contractors known for their craftsmanship.

A well-done drive adds to your property’s value too. Think about it — a smooth, durable surface makes a great first impression. It’s not just about looking good now but keeping that look for years.

Trusting a proven contractor ensures your driveway won’t need redoing anytime soon, saving money in the long run.


1. How much does it cost to tar a driveway in South Africa?

The cost of tarring a driveway varies, but expect to pay based on the size and complexity of your project. Prices can range widely, so getting quotes is wise.

2. What’s the price per square metre for tar paving?

Tar paving prices depend on several factors including location and quality of materials. However, you’ll find that costs can be calculated per square metre, making budgeting easier.

3. Are there cheap tarring options available?

Yes, affordable tarring services exist; however, remember that quality matters. Cheaper options might not last as long or look as good.

4. Can I get an estimate for my driveway without commitment?

Absolutely! Tarring estimates are typically free and come with no obligation to proceed with the service.

5. How do asphalt paving prices compare to tar driveways?

Asphalt paving and tar driveways have similar costs but differ in appearance and durability aspects—choices depend on personal preferences and intended use.

6. Why do tarring prices vary so much between Benoni, Boksburg, Brakpan, Kempton Park, and Springs?

Location impacts costs due to material transport fees, availability of contractors, and other regional factors—hence the variation in pricing across different areas.